Let Them Eat Art

I can’t believe I neglected to post this here. . .

This Friday, July 12th, I’m participating in a local art festival, and this art festival is perfect for me! I visited it last year, and as one participating artist told me, it’s different because at this art show the artists are expected to work while people watch. I’m not particularly a voyeur in most aspects of my life, but I am for this. I am so excited to work in front of people and get to talk to them about the things I create.* I’ll be (re)creating a silhouette of Maria Antionette. I love the style of design I’m doing on this one. It has a French feel which fits the subject matter well I think. I like when the external design is something related to the subject matter.

The other fun aspect is I’ve been set up with a local business for the festival. So The Post Bar and Grill will be hosting me in front of their building. I’ll be right there in downtown Maplewood—just part of the scenery.

I will try not to neglect this forum for the aftermath.

I’m so excited for this!

*As a person with imposter syndrome in this area, I’m hoping it’ll be feedback I believe.

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