A couple weeks ago I had to break up with someone—a client I had been working with. We were both on different pages ideologically, we had different visions. It’s not that I was wrong and she was right, or vice versa, we just weren’t in the same place. And that’s ok as people, but that’s no way to run a partnership.

I was trembling on my end of the phone as I ended things. It was awful saying “I think it would be better for both of us if you found a new designer.” It really felt like a break up. In a field where your projects are little bits of your soul it’s hard not to mourn the loss.

But after it was over I remembered something: the thought of doing something difficult and unpleasant is worse than actually doing it. . . or more the waiting was bad, but the feeling of relief after was amazing. I had something hard to say to someone and I said it.

On a professional note, I gave her access to all my source files (including work I had done for future projects), I told her I would save my own copies for at least two years, and I offered to explain anything I had done to whomever she finds to replace me.

It’s hard to end a partnership, but if it needs to be done, the sooner you do it the better you’ll feel.

I need to remember that.

Now having a good partner leave you. . .

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